It is vital to regularly maintain your air conditioning system to keep it in peak condition and prevent costly repairs. A regular tune-up can pinpoint even the most minor issues before they become expensive. If a part of the system breaks down, the rest of the system is likely to deteriorate. Having a professional perform a tune-up will prevent this from happening. The technician will check all parts of the system and check for any signs of wear and tear.

An air conditioner tune-up includes checking the air conditioning unit’s drain line. The drain line is responsible for carrying water away from the air conditioner. If the drain line is clogged or damaged, the team won’t be able to function correctly. The technician will also check the refrigerant caps. An AC tune-up will also check the electrical components and capacitors for wear and tear. Replacing these parts can prevent your AC from breaking down during the hot summer months. An AC tune-up will dehumidify the air and ensure that your AC unit is in tip-top shape.

While your AC may make normal noises when you turn it on, you should have it checked if it starts to create new sounds. Usually, this is due to a dirty coil that decreases the cooling system’s efficiency. You should have it checked immediately if you hear a hissing, whistling, or buzzing sound coming from the air conditioner. If you notice any of these signs, it is time to schedule an AC tune-up.

While a standard AC tune-up includes a basic inspection and cleaning, some AC tune-ups also include the inspection of the condensate drain line. When the condensate drain line is clogged, it can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder than necessary, leading to damage to your air conditioning system. The technician will also check the air conditioning unit and make suggestions for repairs.
AC tune-ups typically last between one and two hours. The length of time required depends on the scope of the check and the overall condition of the air conditioning unit. If the technician can complete the service in an hour or less, they are probably not doing an in-depth evaluation of your system. If a service technician has found an issue, the inspection may take longer than anticipated.

For an AC tune-up, most HVAC professionals will provide a System Healthy Report that tells the homeowner what components are in good condition and require servicing. A professional AC tune-up should be scheduled at least once per year to ensure optimal performance throughout the cooling season. By scheduling an appointment early, you can avoid needing an AC repair during a critical time of year.

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