The most common AC problems are associated with the airflow or steady blow of the unit. The fan may be running but not blowing cold air. If this occurs, the fan may be hitting the inside wall and slowly break apart. The AC will work harder to cool a room in this condition, so moving it to a shady area is recommended. Air leaks can also be a source of AC problems.

If the air conditioner emits a fire-like odor, it’s best to shut it off immediately and call a professional. Do-it-yourself solutions can cause danger and may result in fire. M mold growth is the culprit if the air conditioner emits a pungent odor. If the smell is like that of gas, it’s most likely a leak of Methyl Mercaptan, a chemical that can cause serious harm.

Another common AC problem is difficulty switching on. There may be a choking noise when the AC is turned on or shut down almost immediately. Short circuits can damage electrical components and cause fires. Bad wiring can trip circuit breakers and make the unit difficult to start. If these are the cases, a technician can replace damaged parts or install a ‘hard-start kit’ to help the AC switch back on. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the technician may recommend a replacement unit.

Another common AC problem is inadequate cooling. If the AC cannot cool the room adequately, the problem is due to several factors, including a dirty outdoor unit or faulty motor. Incorrect mode selection may also be the culprit. Simply switching the AC back to the cooling mode will correct the problem. However, if the AC is still not cooling the room correctly, it could be due to a refrigerant leak.

Other common problems include a rattling noise. The noise could be caused by misplaced isolation feet or a loose component. Other issues can consist of a humming noise or a faulty electrical circuit. A poorly functioning compressor relay switch can also cause a rattling noise. If these problems persist, it might be time to consult a mechanic. The air conditioning system needs to be inspected if it continues to operate as intended.

The summer months can be brutal, and high humidity can drive air conditioners to failure. Fortunately, air conditioner manufacturers make their units rugged and reliable, but that doesn’t mean they will never break down. Even if your system can work, you should always schedule a professional air conditioning repair to ensure it is running correctly. A few simple steps can help you troubleshoot and repair the problem when it breaks down.

Air filters may need to be cleaned. After several months, air filters may become clogged. Cleaning the air filters regularly will keep them from getting clogged and will extend the life of your system. However, it would help if you remembered that a dirty filter is transferring its toxins back to the indoor unit. Moreover, a dirty air filter will not allow the outdoor unit to function optimally. So, make sure you turn off the power and disconnect the power cable before performing this process.

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